Design Your Life

This one-day  workshop is intended for everyone in transition situations, in search and brainstorming processes, who would like to understand themselves better and would like to get ideas for possible jobs. We take a closer look at your talents, values, interests and framework conditions for your life.

With the help of successful creativity techniques from Design Thinking, we work on a very personal answer to the two big questions during the day:

How do I want to live and how do I want to work?

The creative method of Design Thinking is transferred to life design in this workshop and sets new impulses for our creativity muscles. Since it is not always easy to really think freely, one often returns to the same outcome again and again. We also use the group to come up with new ideas or to put old ideas to the test.

One of the basic principles of Design Thinking is ‘kill your darlings’ - the first idea isn’t always the best. Another principle is ‘just do it’. This is meant in two ways: on the one hand, to subdivide the problem into small steps, i.e. to reduce its complexity and, secondly, to ‘just do it’ in the sense of “I start, test and then implement”. On that note, just DO IT and get involved in the process of personal life design.

Sylvia Peschke-Büchel

Karriereberaterin I Life Design Facilitator I Business Coach I Outplacement - Beraterin


24.09.2024 9:30
24.09.2024 17:30

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10.00 / 15.00 / 20.00 €


Am Neuen Palais, Haus 9, Raum 1.15


Samira Rißmann
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